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NCCPC Media Campaigns

McGruff Crime Prevention Messages to Children

children's campaign: 64-bit bullyChildren learn how to handle threatening situations that happen in and around school such as what to do if someone threatens to use a gun, or what to do when confronted with bullies and drugs. The campaign reinforces psa messages with a free comic-activity book and a children's website, [more about the children's campaign]

McGruff ’Toons—Tips for Parents

McGruff 'ToonsMcGruff ’Toons—Tips for Parents are crime prevention and educational cartoons adapted especially for the growing Hispanic population in the United States. They use humor to educate adults about ways they can help Hispanic/Latino children deal with the toughest issues they face-bullies, conflict, gun violence, and drugs.

The series of eight cartoons, featuring McGruff the Crime Dog® and his nephew Scruff®, increases adult awareness about these issues. But more than just raise awareness, the cartoons give adults clear, concise advice and information about proven ways to help children prevent and cope with crime-related situations. [more about McGruff 'Toons]

Consejos de McGruff®—para los padres

Consejos de McGruff®—para los padres son historietas educacionales que ayudan a prevenir la delincuencia adaptadas especialmente para la creciente población hispana de los Estados Unidos. Las historietas contienen humor para enseñar a los adultos distintas formas que pueden utilizar para ayudar a los niños hispanos/latinos a manejar los difíciles temas que enfrentan - hostigadores, conflictos, violencia relacionada con armas y drogas.

La serie de ocho historietas cómicas, presentadas por McGruff the Crime Dog®y su sobrino Scruff®, aumenta la toma de conciencia de los adultos sobre estos temas. Además de concientizar, brindan claridad, consejos concisos e información sobre formas validadas que ayudan a niños a prevenir y hacer frente a situaciones relacionadas con el crimen. [Consejos de McGruff®]

Investing in Youth for a Safer Future

The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign's "Invest in Youth" initiative aims to involve adults and teens in crime prevention activities that build safer communities and reduce crime.

investing in youth: this kid's got a record, his gradesWhen adults spend time with kids it makes a positive difference in a child's life and helps keep crime away from today's youth. The ads show adults sharing hobbies, talents, and humor with children. In return, adults can see that kids will appreciate them for sharing even the most ordinary of skills. Public service advertisements for adults include television and radio spots, print, out-of-home ads, and a free booklet. [more about the investing in youth campaign]

investing in youth: tutorTeens, who are often unfairly mislabeled as apathetic, are encouraged to create their own positive labels through crime prevention activities such as mentoring, tutoring, and volunteering. The teen ads include television and radio spots, print, out-of-home ads, and a free pamphlet. [more about the investing in youth campaign]

Stop Hate Crime

remember what that flag you're waving stands forThe National Crime Prevention Council, SHINE, and the Ad Council joined a coalition of celebrities to launch a series of anti-hate public service announcements (PSAs) in response to assaults and discrimination against innocent groups and individuals following September 11th. The PSAs include teen and adult-targeted messages to encourage all Americans to band together in unity rather than react with feelings of hate. This campaign has television and print components. [more about stop the hate]

United for a Stronger America

Ed McMahon starts a neighborhood watchIn response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United for a Stronger America campaign is designed to spur commitment — to families and neighbors, to emergency preparedness and to reporting crime. All elements of this campaign provide ideas for action at home and in the workplace, neighborhood and community. A free booklet will also provide critical information on emergency preparedness and how and when to report crime. [more about united for a stronger America]

Neighborhood Involvement/Kid's Internet Safety

These billboard advertisements encourage adults to get more information about preventing crime and protecting their children on the internet. Request information about out-of-home ads using the online form . [more about out-of-home advertisements]

Neighborhood Involvement
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crime bites

Internet Safety
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internet safety


Tips on cybersafety for children (pdf, 554 kb — get the free reader from Adobe)]


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The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign is managed by the National Crime Prevention Council in partnership with the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, US Department of Justice, and the Ad Council.

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