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Year 2000 Campaign

Campaign Highlights

Overall 2001 Media Support

  • Total donated media value for Q1-Q4 2001 was $56,573,700.

Spot Television Highlights

  • Spot TV was valued at $1,171,000 for Q4.  $1,008,500 represents English support, and $162,500 represents Spanish support.
  • For Spanish TV, "Mira a tu Alrededor" :30 accounted for 95% of support.
  • Support for the English campaign was especially strong during the Early Morning and Day dayparts (7AM-9AM); 56% of spots aired during this time, as opposed to the Ad Council average 41%.

The support was distributed among the Kids, Teen and Adult targets as follows:

  • Kids spots accounted for 76% of all Crime donated media, with "64-Bit Bully" :30 making up 37% of total activity.  
  • Teen spots accounted for 7% of all Crime donated media.  The new Invest in Youth work should be well received, especially since the last distribution of Teen spots was 1999.
  • Adult spots accounted for 20% of all Crime donated media, with 20th Anniversary work representing 10% of the Adult spots. 

Radio Highlights

  • Crime Prevention was the #4 English radio campaign based on number of spots and the #6 English radio campaign based on dollar value. 
  • Radio activity in Q4 2001 was valued at $7,725,800. 
  • Radio accounted for 79% of all donated media.
  • The Adult Invest in Youth spots "Fries" and "Stairs" represented 50% of the radio support in Q4.  "Park Playaz", a very popular spot, continued to receive strong support, with 18% of all donated time.   

Out of Home Highlights

  • Out of Home activity was valued at  $200,000, a 163% increase from the Q3. 
  • The re-printing and distribution of the "Labels" campaign should draw strong support in 2002.

Internet Highlights

  • Internet activity for Q4 was valued at $635,700, a slight increase from the previous quarter and the highest support for 2001.

Year 2000 Campaign