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  Investing in Youth for a Safer Future

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Investing in Youth for a Safer Future

The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign's "Investing in Youth" initiative aims to involve adults and teens in crime prevention activities that build safer communities and reduce crime.

When adults spend time with kids, they make a positive difference in a child's life and help keep crime away from today's youth. The ads show adults sharing hobbies, talents, and even a sense of humor with children. In return, adults can see that kids will appreciate them for sharing even the most ordinary of skills.

Adults are encouraged to request a copy of "Invest in Youth," a free publication offering ideas for spending time with and making a difference in young people's lives.

Did you know:

  • Almost nine out of ten teenagers would volunteer to take part in programs to help prevent crime and drug abuse if they knew how to get involved.
  • Numerous rsiliency studies show that one of the most important influences on children and their ability to become productive, well-adjusted members of society is the presence of at least one caring adult in their lives.

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