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United for a Stronger America: A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business (PDF)
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Business owners, employees, law enforcement, and community leaders all want to keep workplaces free from the fear and aftermath of crime and violence so that businesses can thrive. Businesses are one of thecornerstones of our communities; it is critical to address crime, fear of crime, and the perception of the opportunity for crime to occur that cause businesses to suffer low employee morale, decreased sales, andincreased internal crime and fraud.

Most businesses already take some steps to prevent crime, whether it be protecting against internal theft and fraud, defending intellectual property, or safeguarding the facility. Now more than ever, businesses must work hard in their crime prevention efforts. As we learned on September 11th, prevention and preparedness are key to employee safety, both in the home and in the workplace.

By bringing together professional security providers, crime prevention specialists, and local business managers to share their knowledge and expertise, the USA: A Safe Workplace Is Everybody's Business programwill provide a framework in which businesses can examine their safety and security measures, strengths and weaknesses, risks of becoming the victim of crime, and vulnerabilities during emergency situations.

Through this program, security providers and crime prevention specialists will provide businesses with both short-term practices and long-term policies that will help them achieve their workplace safety and preparedness goals. The results for businesses will include improved employee morale, safer workplaces, higher profits, and a better environment in which businesses can prosper. Because businesses do not operate in isolation, local communities surrounding them will benefit as well.

The USA: A Safe Workplace Is Everybody's Business program is focused on businesses with one to one hundred employees and ties into the USA Freedom Corps (created by the Bush Administration following September 11th) by engaging citizens in improving homeland security. Thus, the program will be local in focus but national in prominence.

The Partnership Booklet provides information for forming a collaborative partnership of crime prevention practitioners and locksmiths. Using the materials in the booklet, partners will team up with area business managers to work through various safety and security scenarios, conduct security audits, and train businesses in assssing their own vulnerability to crime. The Safety Tips booklet provides checklists for making safe work environments. (Partnership Booklet: 16 pp., 1.3 MB PDF; Safety Tips: 16 pp., 326 KB PDF)

United for a Stronger America: A Safe Workplace Is Everybody's Business
United for a Stronger America: A Safe Workplace Is Everybody's Business: Safety Tips