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Getting the Word Out

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United for a Stronger America: A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business (PDF)
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United for a Stronger America

The telephone number of the USACorps is 1-877-USACORPS



Getting the Word Out

The United for a Stronger America campaign focuses on specific actions around five themes: protecting self and family; protecting and comforting children; knowing and caring for neighbors; reporting crimes and suspicious activity; and emergency preparedness.  Our objective is not only to inform every community member but also to encourage them to work together for a new, more cohesive nation. 

The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign is about spurring citizens to action and this campaign is no different.  Through interactive TV, Internet banners, and novel ideas such as messages on personal data assistants, cell phones, and movie slides we are getting the word out.

As a complement to the adult campaign, a three-poster set and a reproducible booklet of information for caregivers and activities for children has been developed. These materials focus on dealing with fear, helping out in the community, and self-protection.