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Sample Letter for the 'United for a Stronger America' Campaign

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Sample Letter for 'United for a Stronger America' Campaign


Dear Public Affairs Director (personalize with name if possible):

Despite fear that left Americans feeling vulnerable following the attacks of September 11th, citizens searched for ways they could contribute to repairing and strengthening the country.  Americans gave their time, money, food, blood and even their lives.  Today, citizens are asking what else they can do to help protect themselves, their families and communities, not only in crisis, but every day.

We have the answer in a new public service campaign, "United for a Stronger America" is a campaign with a dual purpose: to allay fear by helping citizens establish some measure of control, and provide direction for the powerful readiness to contribute and get involved.  These PSAs are produced by the National Crime Prevention Citizens' Campaign, in partnership with the Crime Prevention Coalition of America (123 national, federal, and state organizations), the U.S. Department of Justice, and The Advertising Council, Inc.

The first set of PSAs addressing neighborhood watch programs were accomplished through a partnership with the White House, the USA Freedom Corps, and the Office of Homeland Security and were produced by the ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi.  The television spots feature Ed McMahon going door-to-door in a community, not to notify a sweepstakes winner, but to start a neighborhood watch program. Web banners for the campaign are currently being developed to accompany the television campaign.

Citizens throughout (STATE/COMMUNITY) are eager to help prevent crime in our community and help prepare for the future.  [Add examples in your area if possible/relevant].  This campaign and the United for a Stronger America: Citizens' Preparedness Guide, the companion publication to the campaign, can steer them in the right direction.  By promoting the campaign, you will encourage citizens to get involved in preventing crime, including terrorism, by becoming active members in our community.

Just by placing these ads, you could motivate someone to start a neighborhood watch, a family to coordinate emergency information, or a workplace to put together an evacuation plan.  Together, we can make America stronger, and safer.


[Insert Name]

Note: If you have not received the new crime prevention ads please contact the Advertising Council Fulfillment Center at 800-933-PSAS (7727).  If you have any questions about the ads, contact Todd Post, Media Coordinator, National Crime Prevention Council, E-mail:; 202-261-4138.

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