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Making News (Excerpts from Partner with the Media Kit):

To be successful in dealing with the media you need a story-something that merits wide dissemination in your community.� What is newsworthy about a story is called a "hook," and, as a media advocate, it's your job to create the hook.� Here are a few tips on creating your story's hook:

  • Unique local angles on crime.� What types of crime are most prevalent in your community?� Are a disproportionate number of crimes happening at a specific place or time of day?� Are specific groups of people being victimized?� Focus the media's attention on interesting or surprising aspects of the crime problem in your community.
  • Reports on neighborhoods battling crime.� A "feel-good" story about preventing crime can be the ticket to greater media attention.� Seek out prevention success stories in your community, and encourage the individuals and organizations involved to speak with the media.
  • Profiles of individuals and organizations preventing crime.� Let reporters know what specific individuals or groups in your community are doing.� Maybe a local business is conducting home security fix-ups for elderly residents.� Frame the story to encourage others to do their part for prevention.