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How Can I Use the PSA's?

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Request information about public service ads using the online form or call Michelle Boykins, Media Manager, 202-261-4184.



How Can I Use the PSA's?

The primary goal is to show local media that these messages address an urgent local problem with useful information -- and that you back up the messages with local action programs.

Familiarize yourself with current McGruff public service campaigns for radio, television, print, and out-of-home.

Let local media outlets know that the McGruff PSAs distributed by The Advertising Council, Inc. are important to your community.

  • Visit your local TV or radio station, the newspaper, the transit and posting companies that handle out-of-home advertising.
  • Make phone calls and write letters of support encouraging the media to use the ads.
  • Don't forget transit advertising and outdoor posting companies. PSAs are available for these media, too!

Explain local needs, how the PSAs address those needs, and how citizen action can reduce crime and fear. Be ready to describe programs that are working to meet those needs. Offer to provide speakers, educational materials, or help with special events. By personally delivering the TV, radio, and print ads to the media, you help to increase PSA exposure and awareness of your prevention work.

Convince the media decision makers that people in your community are outraged by the increasing amounts of violence that intrude into their lives and their children's lives. Cite specific examples of citizen action. Show how the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign with proper media support can serve as a catalyst for even more action.

Don't overlook radio stations with their diverse audiences -- commuters in cars, teenagers, children at home alone after school, and the retired. It's easy and inexpensive for a station to add a local phone number or address to a McGruff radio ad. Live announcer scripts are available for local celebrity reads as well.