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United for a Stronger America - Teen Volunteers
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Teens make a difference!

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Teens Making a Difference

You have a powerful and critical role to play in fighting crime and violence, even terrorism.   You may not know it but the difference you make today, counts in all of our tomorrows.

The folks at the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) have a long history of showing that teens like you often have unique and valuable solutions to crime in our communities.  The adults just have to listen!

The public service advertising (PSAs) for teens is to help you find the best way to help out in your community.  We know you're busy, bogged down in homework, or hanging with that special someone but fighting crime is easier than you think!

At NCPC we get the chance to sit and talk with young people, see you guys in action, and watch your peers take on leadership roles through our work with Teens, Crime, and the Community, Center for Youth As Resources, and the National Youth Network.  We know this nation is in good hands because you all really want to make a difference.

In our latest media campaign, United for a Stronger America - Teen Volunteers, we encourage you to do something fun, and enjoyable that can also help our communities, and ultimately our nation.  Take a look at these PSAs and read up on ideas to get involved.

United for a Stronger America - Teen Volunteers
Encourages you to volunteer as a way of preventing crime and building safer communities.  You simply take an activity you like to do and using it to help others in the community.

Investing in Youth for a Safer Future
Asks you and your friends to get involved in crime prevention by urging them to become active partners in their communities' safety.

United for a Stronger America - Teen Volunteers