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Football: Teen TV

The "Football" PSA is about showing a teenager how to turn his love of football into a volunteer activity. Why a volunteer activity? Because when teens help out, they make the community safer. And safer communities across the nation ultimately lead to a safer and stronger America.

While watching an intense football game on television, a teenager, frustrated with the coach's play-calling, gets a surprise visit from a group of professional football players who tell him he should put his football knowledge to good use.

They trot down, teen in tow, to a local Pee Wee Football practice and there he learns that he can volunteer as the Pee Wee coach for little boys. By teaching the Pee Wee Football players how to play football, he is doing something good for the community while enjoying himself at the same time.

The final message of the ad, "Do What You Like To Do. Volunteer." is revealed and prompts young people to visit the website to learn more.

What do you know? Here's the free brochure that tells you more!

TV Spot - Football (30 second video, 1 MB, Flash format)
TV Spot - Football (low bandwidth: 25 second video, 360 KB, Flash format)
TV Spot - Football (25 second video, 900 KB, Flash format)
TV Spot - Football (60 second video, 2 MB, Flash format)