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64-Bit Bully

64-Bit Mailbox

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64-Bit Mailbox

Part of the McGruff Messages for Children campaign, 64-Bit Mailbox encourages kids to order a free comic-activity book that teaches them how to handle dangerous or threatening situations. The campaign shows kids how to handle situations such as bullies, drugs, and what to do if they hear someone threaten to use a gun by setting up the problem and delivering at least one solution.

Watch 64-bit Mailbox! (Requires Flash 6 plug-in from Macromedia.)

A dizzying stairwell
McGRUFF: McGruff here.
The chase
Your mission:
The barrels are on her heels
get my new free
A narrow escape
comic-activity book
A leap over a terrifying gorge
on how to avoid bullies, guns, and drugs.
made it!
all this for a comic book! -
McGruff, Chicago, Illinois 60652
mission accomplished - the mailbox
Play it smart, and help take a bite out of crime.