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Friendship Beats Bullies Every Time

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Bully Hotline

Since bullying incidents are witnessed by other kids, it is essential that children understand that they can have a big impact by intervening in a bullying situation. McGruff shows how bystanders can help prevent bullying and form friendships with those around them.


KID: McGruff, McGruff.

Come in, McGruff!

MCGRUFF: Hotline, McGruff here.

KID: We got trouble. Wendell's getting picked on.

BULLY: Come on.

Give it! Come on.

MCGRUFF: Here's what you do.

Step one. Walk over to Wendell.

Step two. Put your arm around him.

KID: But I barely know him.
MCGRUFF: That's okay.

Now, step three.

Walk away together!
KID: Let's go.

MCGRUFF: Don't take on a bully. Take off, with your friends.

And remember, friendship beats bullies every time. For more information, go to