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Danger Dog Storyboard

Guitar :30 CNCP-1830

This guy's sense of humor comes through loud and clear when he entertains a group of kids with his poor guitar-playing and singing.  See, he understands that he doesn't have to be the latest singing sensation to entertain the kids.  He is just simply spending time with them in a way that they both enjoy.

The spot ends with one last bit of motivation to spend time with kids.  The announcer adds, "When you spend time with kids, any time, it helps prevent crime."

Watch Guitar (Danger Dog)! (Requires Flash 6 plug-in from Macromedia.)


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guitar guy sings
incredulous kids
GUY SINGS: The Danger Dog will bite your ankle. The Danger Dog will bite your ear.
everyone focuses on guitar guy
The Danger Dog will bit your bottom...if you come near. That's the Danger Dog...Dog... (KIDS LAUGH)
information panel--check out
ANNCR VO: Want to feel appreciated? When you spend time with kids, any time, it helps prevent crime.