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Radio: As Recorded Text - From TV :60

GIRL: What I learned from watching TV after school: 1) If you fall madly in love with a great guy, make sure he isn't your best friend, your best friend's ex-boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend's best friend, your ex-best friend's boyfriend, or somebody named Seth  hello; 2) Never leave home without a wooden stake, lip gloss, and a push-up bra; 2-A) Platform shoes are always a plus, okay; 3) If you find a note in your locker that asks you to meet a secret admirer in an abandoned shipyard, do not go. It really smells like fish there.

AVO: Hey, wanna get more out of your teenage years? Click on and learn how to help make a difference in your neighborhood. Tutor younger kids. Help clean up a community park. Or even start a teen court. All of these things help make your world a safer and better place to live, as well as making you a better person. Click on or cal 1-800-722-TEENS to find out what you can do. A public service message from McGruff, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Crime Prevention Coalition of America and the Ad Council.