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Frequently Asked Questions

For information about the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign, see "about NCCPC."

How can I start a Neighborhood Watch?

To start a Neighborhood Watch program you can contact your local sheriff's department.  Also, for tips on Neighborhood Watch, feel free to download our 'United for a Stronger America: Citizens' Preparedness Guide' from our web site or order a free copy from the fulfillment center at 1-800-627-2911. 


"From TV" radio ad: Why did you use the name Seth? Some very nice boys are named Seth.
Given the nature of the spot, we had to use someone's name. The producer of the spot is named Seth so we chose to immortalize him with a mention in the spot. We in no way discourage people from dating men named Seth.


"Save Something" radio spot: I think it's terrible that you have an ad where a girl is screaming because she's attacked by a bear.
The ad uses exaggerated situations to show teens there are safer and more positive ways to get involved in their communities. The intent was to use humor to draw teens to our toll-free number and website to learn how to get involved in crime prevention.


"With the help of kids like us" banner: This banner is offensive. It connects young black men with words like "drug dealers, gangs, rapists."
Sometimes people only see the first part of this banner ad that says: "Drug Dealers. Gang Members. Rapists." The message that follows reads: "Kicked out by kids like us. We're teens who care. Get involved in crime prevention." Clicking on the banner leads teens to specific actions, ideas, and resources they can use to become involved in crime prevention. We have similar banners and print ads with Caucasians and Hispanics because we know that crime affects all races and age groups.


How do I order copies of your publications?
Print copies of our free publications can be ordered by calling 1-800-WE-PREVENT. To order other publications, visit our online store ( or call 1-800-627-2911 inside the United States, 518-843-8161 from countries outside the USA.


Will McGruff® attend my event?
Many law enforcement organizations around the country have purchased the costume for outreach programs. Call the crime prevention or community relations officer at your local law enforcement agency. Ask if that agency has the McGruff the Crime Dog® costume or knows of another nearby agency that does. If you can't find one locally, call Robotronics, the costume producers (801-489-4466), or the National Crime Prevention Council (202-261-4135).


Can I report a crime to you?
If you have information about a crime, please report it to the proper authorities (such as your local police department, sheriff, or state or federal authorities).


Can I link to this site?
We welcome links to this Web site. You don't have to ask before linking to us. We do reserve the right to remove links from sites that support activities or principles with which we do not agree.


Guitar Man/Danger Dog tv advertisement: What's this about biting? Are you saying that dogs are dangerous?
You are referring to our ad "Guitar" that has a man singing and playing the guitar poorly in front of some kids. In the TV ad, a guy improvises a song "danger dog" as a humorous way to interact with the kids. We are not implying that dogs are dangerous but we do ask, with the help of McGruff the Crime Dog®, that everyone learn how they can "Take A Bite Out of Crime.®"


Can I reproduce material I find on this Web site? Can I use a picture of McGruff the Crime Dog® on my site?

The copyright for material on this site is held by the National Crime Prevention Council. Re-use of the materials for non-profit purposes may be approved, but we will need to know exactly what you want to use and how you intend to use it. See the copyright section on our disclaimer page for more information.

McGruff the Crime Dog®, Scruff®, Take a Bite Out of Crime®, and Unete a la lucha contra el crimen® are registered marks of the National Crime Prevention Council. Use of these terms, and of images of McGruff and Scruff, is reserved to NCPC. For more information about our trademarks, see the trademark section on our disclaimer page. 


How can I get USA Guides for my community?
To obtain the 'United for a Stronger America: Citizens' Preparedness Guide' in bulk, please call our fulfillment center at 1-800-627-2911. The first copy is free and each additional copy is $1.


How Can I Get Web Banners From
We are delighted that you wish to link to our Web site. The National Crime Prevention Council grants you permission to use the Web banners on your site. In doing so you become an advocate for McGruff The Crime Dog®, as he continues to encourage the American public to Take A Bite Out Of Crime. Please take a moment to review the rules and regulations for linking on the National Crime Prevent Council site. If you need additional assistance, please send e-mail to


How can I get involved in my community?
If you will forward us your mailing information using our Contact Us form, we can send you a free brochure that lists organizations you can contact as well as ideas for getting involved on your own.


How can I get publications/posters/PSAs for my school?
If you forward us a mailing address using our Contact Us form, we can send you copies of our free publications and a catalog from which to order them.  If you know the names of the publications or posters you want, feel free to call our fulfillment center at 1-800-627-2911 to place an order.