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check out what other teens are already doing

  • Students at Picacho Middle School in Las Cruces, New Mexico, planned and participated in a graffiti paint-out project at their school.
  • In Chicago, Illinois, at the Robert Taylor Homes public housing complex, the fighting among girls living in different buildings eased up when older girls from each building decided to read stories, share ideas, and play games with younger girls from other buildings.
  • Teens on the Washington, DC, Youth as Resources Board have awarded grants to other teens for projects like tutoring HIV/AIDS children, restoring an abandoned playground, creating a book of personal stories about different cultures in an English as a Second Langugage class, organizing a community spring clean-up, and planting flowers in neglected public areas.
  • In Melbourne, Florida, teenagers took it upon themselves to repair and paint the house of an elderly neighbor.
  • Teens in Roxbury, Massachusetts, got political. They expressed their views in legislative committee hearings, argued their ideas on the State Senate floor, and actually wrote laws on issues that affected their lives.
  • For students at Mesa High School in Mesa, Arizona, volunteering is a vital part of their academic and social lives. Students volunteers at the local food bank, hospitals, day care centers, and afterschool programs; tutor younger students; and put on special performances for seniors or elementary school children.
  • The Teens, Crime, and the Community Class at St. Bernard High School in Louisiana made table tents with crime prevention tips on them for the cafeteria.
  • Even teens who have already been in trouble are doing the right thing. Girls at the Indianapolis Juvenile Correctional Facility produced a video about their gang experiencess. In their video, they suggest things that youth and adults can do to prevent gangs or help kids get out of gangs.