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Quiet Time
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sometimes speaking up helps keep someone alive

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Request information about public service ads using the online form or call Michelle Boykins, Media Manager, 202-261-4184.



Quiet Time

You're 9 years old. You just heard another kid say he's going to get a gun and shoot somebody. What do you do?

"Quiet Time," a new television public service message from the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign, urges kids to speak out if they hear a threat to hurt someone with a gun or know that someone has a gun, because sometimes it isn't good to be quiet.

The PSA sends a clear message that it's not only OK but vital for kids to tell if they know of any threat of gun violence. It depicts attentive, well-dressed children who are being quiet - but as the viewer learns, it's because they're at a friend's funeral.

Children are invited to write to MCGruff, Chicago, Illinois, 60652 to get their free copies of McGruff Wants You to Take a Bite Out of Crime, a new comic-activity book that helps children understand how to handle threatening situations that happen in and around school, such as what to do if you hear someone threaten to use a gun or what to do when confronted with bullies or drugs. The section of the comic-activity book on gun threats also appears on the McGruff children's Web site at

Recent incidents around the nation have demonstrated tragically that children may not always recognize a real threat of gun violence. It is important for adults to emphasize that telling a responsible adult about threats of violence is not only good by vital to the safety of children and their friends.

"Quiet Time," created pro bono by Saatchi & Saatchi, Inc., is the latest in a series of media messages for children under the auspices of the McGruff "Take a Bite Out of Crime" campaign. It is being released to the nation's local television stations as well as to broadcast and cablecast networks during the first week of April.

The ads are produced with support from the US Department of Justice (Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs) through The Advertising Council. They are sponsored by the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, nearly 500 national, state, and local groups committed to preventing crime. The National Crime Prevention Council is the day-to-day manager of the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign and secretariat for the Coalition.

April 4, 2000
National Crime Prevention Council

Quiet Time (30 seconds, 424 KB, Flash)