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Take a Look Around

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Take a Look Around

:30 CNCP-9130 (CC) Also available in :20 CNCP-9120 (CC) in English and in Spanish :30 CNCP-9330.

Watch Take a Look Around in English or Spanish(Requires Flash 6 plug-in from Macromedia.)

Take a look around
ANNCR VO: Take a look around.
Kids hanging out with community police
You'll see fewer kids getting into trouble...
Teen boy
More kids getting their lives together.
What happened?
What happened? You happened!
Teens and adult working together on a computer
Someone like you supporting programs like mentoring,
Teens and adult examining a car engine
job training,
Teens playing soccer
after-school activities,
Teen and adult mentor walking together - 800-WE-PREVENT
and drug counseling that are keeping kids away from crime and crime away from kids
Doing science homework
Less crime is no accident.
A support group meeting
It takes support from you, your community,
Teen boy
and programs that work.
Call now and we'll send you a free booklet. Call 1-800-WE-PREVENT and help McGruff take a bite out of crime.