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Save Something

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Radio: As Recorded Text  Save Something :60

AVO: Looking to do something good? Well, there's plenty of things teenagers can get involved in. Like saving the rare speckled Burmese Bear Cub...

MUSIC: Dream Sequence Music

GUIDE: And here's a bear now. Look, shhhh

GIRL: Oh, isn't he cute and furry!

GUIDE: Okay, be careful, Susie, that's too close.

SFX: Bear Coos

GIRL: Oooh, c'mere little fellow....

GUIDE: Okay, don't feed him, don't...

GIRL: Oooh, c'm-*Screaming*

BEAR: Roar!


GIRL: (still screaming through the roar and sound effects)

GUIDE: Whoa!

GIRL: My arm!

GUIDE: We'll be right back.


GUIDE: We'll come back for that later Susie. We're walking. We're running.

AVO: Or saving the Solenda Swamp Pits.

BOY: Has anyone seen our guide? Hello?

GUIDE: Uh, uh, nice killer bee, nice kill-AAAh!!!! He bit me.. .can't breathe. Can't see.

AVO: Or how about just save something closer to home, like your neighborhood. Call 1-800-722-TEENS for info on getting involved in tutoring, mentoring younger kids, or starting a teen court. You can change your community for the better, while changing the way the world looks at you. Call 1-800-722-TEENS or click on www. weprevent. org to find out more. A message from McGruff, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Crime Prevention Coalition of America and the Ad Council.